Richard Nigro

The distances between food, photography and stories can be measured in a breath. There is no separation .......Food comes with a story; a story with a photograph. I tell stories, with words, with photos, with food.

Woman With Umbrella and Wellies

Woman With Umbrella and Wellies evolved from a larger and ongoing body of my work, Notations on Beauty and Time:  this body of work is concerned with observing, depicting and understanding the female nude in maturity.  In constructing this work, I asked the models to present themselves in intimate and self revealing poses.  This resulted in one of the models presenting herself wearing wellington rubber boots, with wet hair and an umbrella - Woman With Umbrella and Wellies.  The subsequent photographs are a direct, humorous and a revealing expression of herself.

A brief note on making the photographs: all of the photographs are made in a staged environment, using extended exposure times.  The resulting photographs capture ghosts – elements of unintended motion.  These random elements suggest an alternative to contemporary instant-everywhere photography; referring to the earliest photographic processes, language and imagery. 


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