Richard Nigro

The distances between food, photography and stories can be measured in a breath. There is no separation .......Food comes with a story; a story with a photograph. I tell stories, with words, with photos, with food.

Fables for Children at the End of History

The stories and images of Fables for Children at the End of History are founded in childhood memories; are founded in reflections of a parent living with a young child/children; and are founded in imagination. The work was created in a staged environment, working in film and with slow shutter speeds; the children were not restrained by stillness, allowing chance and chaos to intervene in the process of making the photographs.

The stories also refer to classic writings for and about children: Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the poems, stories and whimsy of Lewis Carroll and the collections and commentaries of Iona and Peter Opie; as well as referring to post apocalyptic imagery.

Fables for Children at the End of History is an extended sequence of photographs: observations, notations on childhood “after the end of history”; children who fill the emptiness of time and place, with their imagination imposing sensibility and structure on the emptiness and aloneness of time and place. There is no one critical moment, but rather visual scribblings on the chaos of empty time.

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